The Best anti plagiarism tool – Content-Theft Monitor Plugin

A lot of people who have blogs fear online plagiarism but finding the best tool is a difficult task. To help them prevent the theft of original content, a plugin has been created. Our analysis discusses this tool and its important benefits!

If you are a publisher or a blogger and you create a lot of original posts for your site, plagiarists are a big problem. They like to visit your website, steal texts from there and publish them on their own sites. The plugin we’re reviewing today helps you solve this problem. Its name is Content-Theft Monitor and is one of the best tool if you want to keep your website protected against plagiarisn. To use it on your own blog, you have to click on this link. The download of this plugin costs 10 USD. After you download the tool it on your website, you’ll be greeted by a very nice admin interface. You’ll have no problems using it; the interface has everything in it very well explained. You will just have to start using it.

This anti-plagiarism tool is excellent not only for your personal blog, but for other sites as well. It supports large websites and online shops alike (Woocommerce / WordPress based). If you have more than one personal site, the plugin will deliver the same performance on all of them. This instrument protects you and your pages not only from plagiarists, but against those unwanted Panda updates, too.

Another problem with online plagiarism is that it can attract major penalties from Google. The latter is quick to find duplicate content and your site will thus end up in trouble. The Content-Theft Monitor is great at protecting your website from that, because this tool is one of the best solutions tested by me so far.

Coming back to the plugin’s interface: the latter has all sorts of reports. They are very detailed, too. These useful reports indicate a plagiarist’s IP, the exact moment a post was stolen and the most plagiarized articles. Here is how the tool does its job. When a visitor steals something from your site with “copy-paste”, the plugin will create a log of this activity. Your email will then receive an alert. The copy and paste action may be done via keyboard shortcuts or through the usual right-click menu. Either way, you’ll quickly know when one or several of your original work is plagiarized.

As soon as the text (or texts) has been stolen, you’ll be able to see the other site (or sites) it appears on. You can do that directly from the plugin’s admin interface. You can look for the stolen articles on either or Google. The two options appear right under your posts. The Content-Theft Monitor makes your work easier. Especially if you have many sites. With it, you won’t have to find stolen content by looking for it manually. Just wait for an alert and you’ll see the exact texts which are copied by someone else.

This new anti plagiarism plugin is a must-have if you want the best website content protection. By letting this tool do the work for you, you will have time to come up with more original content. And the number of potentially plagiarized articles will significantly decrease. You’ll also avoid Google’s Panda algorithm and its penalties!

Catalin Nichita is the founder of project. Catalin has about 6 years of experience in SEO and is specialized in penalty removals and website audits.