• The Best anti plagiarism tool – Content-Theft Monitor Plugin

    A lot of people who have blogs fear online plagiarism but finding the best tool is a difficult task. To help them prevent the theft of original content, a plugin has been created. Our analysis discusses this tool and its important benefits! If you are a publisher or a blogger and you create a lot of

  • 10 Methods to Increase CTR and Traffic

    One of the most important things about SEO has to do with click-through rate (CTR) and the effects this has on actual traffic. As you well know, a site with a good ranking in the search page isn’t the only thing of importance when it comes to receiving traffic. A CTR that’s not as good

  • A new layout tested by Google

    A couple of days ago I noticed a strange result on Google’s results page. A new layout appeared when I did a search considered by Google a brand one. All of the 7 results that are specific to such a search came up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a screenshot of all 7 results. That’s because

  • How to Build Traffic and Backlinks using videos

    Frequent algorithm changes made linkbuilding a potentially negative activity for every site out there. If, in the past, a link’s source was less important, once Google’s algorithm matured, identifying low-quality links became easier for them. Penalties caused by a deficient linkbuilding thus became more frequent. This is why many webmasters are asking themselves what their

  • How to Identify and Remove Bad and Toxic Links

    One of the situations often encountered when a penalty comes up: identifying the problem which caused it. The most frequent issues are those related to a site’s content quality and link profile. If you know your site doesn’t have the best content or it’s partially copied, a Panda-type update has most likely affected it. If

  • How to Recover from a Google Panda Penalty

    Released in February 2011, Google Panda was one of the most important algorithm changes of that year. Formerly known as “Farmer Update”, this algo change is targeting low quality content. Google doesn’t offer much info on what the quality content really means. The posts published on their official blog in 2011 (by Amit Singhal) and 2012

  • The best link analysis tools

    In a SEO’s world, the number and quality of backlinks to a site can make the difference between a winner and a loser. Modern algorithms of search engines are partially focused on the backlinks profile of a website. In this article I will deliver some of the best tools used for link analysis. I’ll also detail

  • How to identify a Google Penguin Penalty

    Launched on April 2012, the first generation of Google Penguin update was a disaster for a large percent of websites. The main purpose of this algorithm update was the identification of websites boosted in SERP by low quality and unnatural backlinks. The main signals used by Google for the first generation of Penguin was the overusing

  • How to obtain multiple anchor text from the same page

    One of the most important rules of SEO says that “only the first anchor matters”. Basically, if you have 2 backlinks going out from a page to a target page, only the first link will matter; the second one will be ignored. In one of his lol videos, Matt Cutts claims that in such a